The Arena is an area that can be entered at a cost of 1 Sparkling Green Gem. It is located in the bottom right of Breckerton. The entrance is via the casino of Breckerton. There is a man with grey skin, ginger hair and red armour who must talk to [action] in order to enter the arena. If you die you don't have to restore to your last save point, you are returned to the arena entrance with 1HP and 1MP, but you lose any prizes gained by fighting in the arena. Nothing but a good rest at the Inn won't fix ... To the left of the arena there is a shop, which trades in Gems.

As of version 3.0, fighting in the Arena is not worth the effort and expense. The difficulty level of battles in the Arena escalates quickly and is both proportional to your character's levels and the weapons and armor they are equipped with.

Thus, if you wish to get gems to buy items from the Gem Shop it is advised that you find and battle Bandits: Read more

Item Trade at Gem Shop
Number of Gems Gem Color New Item
100 Green Any Seed
30 Green Light Elixir
60 Green Elixir
6 Blue Greater Elixir
20 Blue Scryer's Parchment
7 Blue Black hole in a Box
9 Blue Bedroll
12 Blue Life in a Bottle
50 Blue Globe of Invisibility
2 Red Crest of the Scrapper
5 Red Crest of the Contender
5 Red Map of Divining
10 Red Larkwood Transporter
12 Red Crest of the Champion
20 Red Herb of Regrowth
20 Red Everburning Torch
10 Red Breckerton Transporter
25 Red Crest of the Gladiator

As with other shops, you can buy and sell items here.