When using a map in the mines do it at the door if you see less than 3 chests or if the boss is far from the switch re lode your auto save walk back in use the same map and see if you git better results keep doing this until you see 4 chests or the boss and switch close togather 

When questing fer thieves sleep in solace, for the best well rested you can get  take the morale boost (+ 20,  8 rounds) and use any armor buffs you have before casting your buffs. stay in town all day so your buffs wont fade. if your in a guild or playing on line find someone at level 110 and beg a buff. With that a  thief will be a one round affair.  

Do NOT use a torch in the mine you will git more monsters and more body parts, if you need to peek expand the chat window fer a peek at your surroundings.   

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