Heroes of Larkwood

Goblins & Explosives:  SPOILER ALERT:

You don't actually use the explosives.  Other events happen and lead you onward to other quests.

Quest for the Shard of Light:

Journey through the portal and look for Retrieve the shard from Raguld and return it to Mirgris.

This quest involves several parts.  First, one must travel to Syrom through the portal opened by Mirgris.  There is a town called Rygoran nearby to rest, save and stock up on supplies.  Then go north.  Search through the Ogre tunnels in the northern mountains and locate the four crystals that power the shrine to the northwest of the town and above the portal.  

Once you have installed all four crystals into the shrine, you can cross to the other shrine location and head north to find Raguld.  There is a large difference between the monsters on either side of the river.

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