Dragon’s Blade Items from stores, rewards, and casino play

Usable Items
Item Cost Locations Classes Description
Invisibility Potion 50 All towns All allows you to sneak past weaker monsters. This effect will fade if you are attacked. Lasts 20 rounds. Targets your party
Medical Herb 3 All towns All antidote - cures some negative effects
Torch 10 All towns All provides a light in dark places. The light will fade when you leave the area. One use only.
Potion of Light Mana 17 Larkwood, Flinton All restores 8 Mana
Potion of Mana 157 Flinton, Kanticle, Breckerton All restores 38 Mana
Potion of Greater Mana 473 Breckerton All restores 91 Mana
Potion of Light Healing 7 Larkwood, Flinton All restores 27 HP
Potion of Healing 67 Flinton, Kanticle, Breckerton All restores 123 HP
Potion of Greater Healing 202 Breckerton All restores 290 HP
Small Bomb 15 Larkwood, Flinton All inflicts 7 to 11 damage instantly, targets all enemies
Symbol of Resurrection 500 Kanticle, Breckerton All revives the dead. Restores 25 HP, targets a party member. (can only be used on the dead)
Copper Skeleton Key 2500 Merchant N/E of Kanticle in Forest All Opens various locked doors? *Confirmed to open locked door in Kanticle
Orb of Larkwood 25 Larkwood All portal to Larkwood
Orb of Flinton 64 Flinton All portal to Flinton
Orb of Kanticle 225 Kanticle All portal to Kanticle
Orb of Breckerton 1024 Breckerton All portal to Breckerton

Ring Cost Location Class Description
Emerald Ring 100 Larkwood, Flinton All +3 Speed
Bright Emerald Ring 350 Flinton All +8 Speed
Glowing Emerald Ring 1250 Kanticle All +10 Speed
Enchanted Emerald Ring 3000 Breckerton All +15 Speed
Sapphire Ring 100 Larkwood, Flinton All +3 Focus
Bright Sapphire Ring 350 Flinton All +8 Focus
Glowing Sapphire Ring 1250 Kanticle All +10 Focus
Enchanted Sapphire Ring 3000 Breckerton All +15 Focus
Ruby Ring 100 Larkwood, Flinton All +3 Strength
Bright Ruby Ring 350 Flinton All +8 Strength
Glowing Ruby Ring 1250 Kanticle All +10 Strength
Enchanted Ruby Ring 3000 Breckerton All +15 Strength
Silver Ring 100 Larkwood, Flinton All +3 Vitality
Gold Ring 350 Flinton All +8 Vitality
Glowing Gold Ring 1250 Kanticle All +10 Vitality
Enchanted Gold Ring 3000 Breckerton All +15 Vitality

Weapon Cost Locations Class Description
Dagger 10 Test Thief stabs things
Gem Vendors